A Note to My Worthy Girls

You all are such an important part of my journey! Girl Made Worthy™ would not be the same without each of you! You all have inspired me to build a community where women build each other up when the world is trying to tear us down! 

No matter where you are on your journey I want you to know that you have the power to rewrite your own narrative! You are the director of your story! 

Do not allow your mistakes to define who you are!

To the girl who’s on the other side of healing and to the girl still going through the process, I want you to know that you were born worthy!! 


Be Empowered! Forgive Quickly! Heal Fearlessly! And Be Shameless about your journey!!! 





GIRL MADE WORTHY™ was inspired by a journey. 

A journey filled with disappointment, brokenness, unforgiveness, and a lack of self-EVERYTHING: self-identity, self-love, self-worth...and experiences I never imagined having to face.  

GIRL MADE WORTHY™ was inspired by a journey. A journey that brought me to a deeper self-discovery in God. One where I almost lost faith and hope this same God walked with me through the deep layers that lead me to a place of healing, true forgiveness, and shamelessly loving every part of my story. 

Now, my journey has new meaning.  It made me who I am. It allowed me to realize that every encounter brought with it a lesson, and those lessons were my gifts. Wow! What gifts! But who really likes gifts that come with scars and bruises?!  No one!! And I mean no one!! 

My purpose is to share those gifts. Fearlessly. Boldly. Shamelessly.  

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